Nuclear Hallucinations

30 September 2017
Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Weston Family Learning Center, Rm 19

Presented as a part of Creative Time Summit
30 September 2017 at 11:00am
Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Weston Family Learning Center, Rm 19

Screening: Nuclear Hallucinations
Saturday, September 30, 11:00 AM – AGO, Weston Family Learning Center, Rm 19

Nuclear Hallucinations (India/UK 2016) is a film by Fathima Nizaruddin, which claims to be a documentary and is centered around the anti-nuclear struggle against the Kudankulam Atomic Power Project in South India. The film questions the totalitarian nature of pro-nuclear assertions through comic modes. Satirical impersonations, performance and ironic renderings of jingoistic rhetoric work together to form a narrative that explores the tragic absurdity of constructing nuclear power plants on a tsunami affected coast.

Panel Discussion – Unprogrammability: A Discussion on the Ethics and Aesthetics of Working Out of Context 
Saturday, September 30, 1.30PM. –AGO- Weston Family Learning Center, RM 19

Using the film screening of Nuclear Hallucinations as a foundation for the conversation, Indu Vashist converses with Amy Fung and Sharlene Bamboat about the politics, aesthetics and ethics of what makes a work programmable. Facilitators will navigate the challenges of curating works outside of their original contexts, speaking to ideas of censorship, translation and accessibility.

  • Indu Vashist is the Executive Director of SAVAC.
  • Amy Fung is a writer, researcher and curator currently based in Toronto, Canada, with a specialization in criticism, poetics, and the moving image.
  • Sharlene Bamboat is a multidisciplinary artist working predominantly in moving image installation. She has exhibited internationally at Les Complices* (Zurich), the Images Festival (Toronto), The Art Gallery of Windsor (Ontario), and Vasakh Film Festival (Lahore).

Nuclear Hallucinations: Screening at Creative Time Summit

30 September 2017

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