There are many ways to support the work we do at SAVAC, and one of them is to become a member. Becoming a SAVAC member is not only a great way to keep track of our upcoming exhibitions, events and opportunities, but a way into a community of artists, curators, and art supporters who are engaged with contemporary visual art by South Asian artists, and artists whose work reflects a connection to the rich and complex cultural flows that have become enmeshed with the subcontinent throughout history.

SAVAC serves artists who come from various regions and localities in the world, not simply geopolitically-categorized South Asia. SAVAC encourages artists who touch on themes of political/personal, location/identity, assimilation/resistance, architecture/space, city/suburbs, and above all, transnationality as a historical and contemporary force that shapes each individual work and each individual artist.

SAVAC Members don’t necessarily produce work that is solely influenced by fixed entities such as the nations and geographical regions from which their ancestors hailed, or by the ones in which they were born. Similarly, they don’t necessarily adhere to circumscribed notions of “culture” within their own communities or in society at large. The strength and vibrancy of their art lays in the multitude of individual histories–journeys that destabilize, and interrogate fixed notions of culture and identity.

Membership Benefits

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  • Receive discounted and free access to professional development information sessions and skills-based workshops.
  • Gain networking opportunities with artists locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Win film tickets, discounts and giveways from SAVAC community partners.
  • Get involved by submitting your work, attending or presenting workshops, volunteering, or joining a committee.
  • Support the vital role that SAVAC plays in advocating for South Asian and culturally diverse visual arts practices.

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Annual memberships are: $30 CAD / year.

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