SAVAC’s artistic programming strikes a fine balance of exhibiting established, mid-career, and emerging artists as well as art students. By exhibiting emerging artists’ work beside that of established artists’, SAVAC promotes and supports a new generation of artists to find a place within a consortium of art-making, and for them to be able to localize their practice within a variety of artistic fields. SAVAC’s upcoming  programming will typically fall under three nodes:

  1. architectures / gentrification / construction of cities
  2. precarity / labour / class
  3. land / border / national histories

This vision encourages artistic work that reflects structural, communal, and global issues that critically examine marginalized peoples’ relationship to race, labour, and land. While the artistic vision is shaped by the Artistic Director, in terms of what works SAVAC will program, this vision has principally been shaped by a growing positive trend in the experimental, critical, and creative practice of local and national South Asian artists, and generally, artists of colour.  We are seeing more works that may be informed by a specific identity (through various mediums, aesthetics, and techniques) as opposed to works about identity.

To carry out the shaping of our artistic vision SAVAC relies on old and new partnerships that we continue to sustain and develop. SAVAC almost exclusively works in collaboration with other artist-run centres, public galleries, and visual arts organizations to develop, present, fund, and support the exhibited work – especially given that we have operated without a gallery space for 20+ years.  It is through these collaborations that SAVAC is able to expand the artistic fields of the host venues and offer their audiences exposure to contemporary South Asian and diasporic art.

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